parallel processing using LAN


  1. is it possible to have processing processing for process viz. such as tie point generation using the CPU/GPU resources of computers connected in LAN . any possibility of using resources of computers connected in LAN only, not using cloud services
  2. is it possible to have have orthophoto generated for each RGB in a project. i could see only the save undistorted images… any possibility …
    -i appreciate if some one could give reply
    –thank you

Hi @droneuser48,

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  1. PIX4Dmapper cannot distribute processing over multiple computers. However, it is optimized to take advantage of multi-Cores and multi-Processors. You can find more information here:

  2. Could you please provide more information about this request? Are you requesting to have every image transformed in an orthophoto? If this is the case, PIX4Dmapper is not creating this kind of output (also, it will not be possible to create these images for images at the border of the project). If you need an orthoimage of a region smaller than the entire project, you can use the Processing area feature in PIX4Dmapper as described here:

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