Running several processes at the same time in PIX4Dmapper

Good morning

I use Pix4Dmatic and mapper. I use it to make orthomosaics with images made with drone.

In PIX4Dmatic I make orthomosaics with RGB photographs and in PIX4Dmapper I use thermal photographs.

My question is, in PIX4Dmatic you can perform several processes of creation of orthomosaics, queuing one by one in several tabs within the program, being able to put a large number of processes and not collapse the computer. Is there any way to do the same in PIX4Dmapper? I can put 3 or four processes, but they are done at the same time and not one by one in queue as in matic.

Thank you very much!

Hi @drones5 ,

Unfortunately, at the moment, the processing queue feature is only available in PIX4Dmatic. This feature is not in PIX4Dmapper for now.

Best regards,
Rosana (she/her)