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Request, queue tool for processing several projects after each other.

Processing several projects at the same time feels a bit scardy right?

Lets say i got several projects that is to be processed over night. Id like to see a tool that can put the processes of the different projects on a queue.

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Hi Goran,

On Pix4D Cloud you can launch as many projects as you want almost at the same time, either creating new projects from the Cloud interface or uploading the project files from the desktop application (menu Project > Upload project files ). After the processing of a project is triggered, you can proceed with the second one and so on. You will receive an automatic email once a project is ready to be visualized on the Cloud. The queuing on the Cloud is automatic, as it’s the basic principle that runs the projects of all Pix4D Cloud users.

If instead, you would prefer to run your projects locally, you can contact sales to ask for more information about our Pix4Dengine solution. This product will provide you with more automation and the opportunity to perform batch processing. You can read the documentation here