processing area and merging two projects.

I have a large area I have mapped with a Phantom4Pro RTK. I have processed the area in two seperate files and plan to merge them. I am going to use a processing area on both projects to trim out the area I dont need. I was wondering at what point do I add the processing area to each project? I have run step 1, added my GCP and manual tie points for the merge. After I have reoptimized both projects do I add the processing are to each one, then move forward with the merge? Thank you, Nathan

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If you want to combine two projects, it is important that you have enough overlap between them.
You can find more information about merging projects here:

I suggest you add the processing area for the entire project after you merge the two sub-projects.
In fact, the processing area has no effect on the results of step 1, as explained here:

Please let me know if there is anything else that I can do for you.

Merge them first. The data you’re trimming in the “merge area” will only help to bolster your datasets when you rematch/optimize. Draw a processing area after you merge the projects. Then Rm/optimize. Don’t forget to check to ensure that your processing options, output coordinate systems & GCP coordinate systems are identical!

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