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Adding Images without loosing Process Area

I am trapped.

I have a complicated Process Area:

I would like to maintain the Process Area and improve the project with additional images. I can’t find a way to do that. I know that I can merge two projects but the additional images in a seperate project “destroy” my model. (Because the seperate model has terrestrial images and much noise.)

  • Adding Images to a existing project is also not possible
  • Importing a Processing Area is not possible
  • Option Merging Process Areas -> no control about it
  • Importing a point cloud that was edited (cropped) is possible but only for DSM generation not for generating 3D Mesh.

The reason why I need to maintain the process area is that we already modeled the new terrain. (around the process area).

Any ideas?



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Hi Rainer,

As you mention, it is not possible to add additional images to an existing project. In this case, we recommend either creating a new project from scratch or merging the additional images with the existing project. 

Could you add some more examples of the merging processing area issues you encounter? Could you attach some screenshots of what happens to the model when you merge the additional images?