P4Pro V2 and V1 Flying crooked/angled

Hi folks, I have been flying Solar Surveys…large buildings…90deg Then 45 NS then 45 EW

My V2 tends to take the imaging crooked, or angled like the bird is not flying straight…Looks straight during fly over, but the images are cockeyed by about 15-20 deg. I have done it all!! Refresh Firmware, recalibrated everything…set my expo settings to linear " No expo " AAND, Tried my V1 and I get the same issues.

Can someone point me in the right direction? I would appreciate your help!! Thx

Hi @aerialtraffic ,

It is highly possible that the issue is related to the drone configurations or some sensors/gimbals not working properly. As you already did, we recommend checking the settings and calibrating the sensors. If the issue persists, please contact the drone manufacturer directly.

What is the impact of this on the processing? Does it affect the calibration results in one of the Pix4D applications?

Thank you for your reply! Yes I just on Tuesday, tested V1 and V2 side by side…
At first I thought it was a high KP Index of 6…the V2 had intermittent GPS Error…but was able to fly 750,000 sqft roofs x 3. The crooked flying in Mission is something I have had others tell me is “normal”…but by 20- 25 deg??

The V2 on Tuesday returned a GPS DATA ERROR, CONTACT DJI SUPPORT

So it seems my GPS system was in fact failing.

It’s going back to DJI today.
Thank you.

I used the V1 on Wed as my backup on a 1mill sqft bldg and an 800,000 sqft…it did have some slight , maybe 10% angle at the end of each leg. My client was extremely happy with that. They are in New York, and told me the angle is normal and happens to them as well. The stitching software takes care of all this.

Thank you!

Randy Wynant
Aerial Traffic

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