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p4b file format


Is there anyone who knows the p4b file structure?

I would like to get the sparse point cloud from result_tracks_full_1.p4b, but can’t figure out how to parse the binary file.

Following files seem to have equivalent information, but without Automatic Tie Point ID.


Thank you very much for your help in advance.

Hi @k.y.koo,

The p4b format is only readable in the rayCloud so only by Pix4Dmapper.

Additionally, Pix4Dmapper doesn’t store information about the sparse cloud - Automatic Tie points in one file. And, only some values can be found in the params folder:

  • Number of the point --> bingo file (1 column)
  • Photo ID --> bingo file (photo ID written before the ATPs related to it are listed)
  • Pixel coordinates x y --> bingo file (2, 3 column)
  • Coordinates x y z --> uncertainties file (1, 2, 3 column)
  • Reprojection error x,y,z --> uncertainties file (4, 5, 6 column)

Note that not all the automatic tie points are listed in the “params” output files and that it is not possible to correlate the values in bingo and uncertainties file.

I hope it helps,