Exporting a sparse point cloud after step 1


For my use case, the computation time is critical and should be reduced as much as possible. But I don’t need a dense point cloud: the sparse point cloud displayed after processing step 2 is sufficient.

Is it possible to export the sparse point cloud before running step 2?

I tried to dig in the text files stored in 1_initial , but I didn’t find anything.

Here it says that the tie points coordinates are saved in various files (such as the Bingo file) but it is only their 2D coordinates on the images. I need the 3D points with x,y,z coordinates in the project coordinate system.


Your help will be much appreciated!


Hi Raffael, 

I think that article describes what you are looking for: How to export the Automatic Tie Points

Out of curiosity, for what kind of application are you using the sparse point cloud (automatic tie points)? 


Thanks Pierangelo for your answer!

In some instances the sparse point cloud seems to be useful to check the rough geometry of a place and fit a model.


You’re welcome Raffael!

Okay, sounds cool. Feel free to post some of your models or use cases in the Hall of fame :slight_smile: It would be interesting to learn from such applications!