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Coordinates of points in original images

Is there a way to obtain the positions in the original or undistorted images of a point of the point cloud?

Say I have a X,Y,Z coordinate of a point in the point cloud, is it possible to have a list with al the images the point is on and the position of the point.

Basically what the gcp/tie point marks editor does, but then outside the Pix4d application.

Hello Rode,

It is possible to use the information of the pmatrix file that can you can find in the results folder, under \1_initial\params.
You can find more information here: 202977149.

The bingo file that you can find in the same folder contains the image coordinates (for all calibrated images) for the GCPs and Check points and some of the Automatic Tie Points. These coordinates refer to the original (distorted) images.
In the following article you can find more information: 203590305



Thanks for your reply.

How can I find the 3d coordinates of a point in the bingo file?

Regard, Rode.