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Overall Processing time Status bar? Countdown?

It would be great to have an overall countdown timer, or a status bar for the entire processing steps. Seeing the individual steps is nice, but its hard to tell how long the whole thing will take.

I’ve noticed that some projects take longer than others due to image count, settings and many other variables. Currently, the status bar in nice, but it has so many processes that i’m never really sure when it will be fully complete. For example, it may be 97, 98% done, and i get excited, then it starts the next process at 1, 2%.

+1 ^^ Totally agree… 

A second status bar showing number of steps to complete or something.


We agree that with the current status bars it is difficult to estimate the remaining time of the processing. There are some improvements in the version 2.1 and we are working on it.

We will pass your suggestion about the overall status bar to our product management team so that they can study it and see for future releases.