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Improvements to processing data - important email updates that would significantly change use of software

SOOOOOOOOOooo, it would be a major improvement to your product if not only did you email when the processing is done, but also include the results in both the quality report and also the processing log. This could save me so much time as to weather I need to go out to my office immediately to reprocess, or tell me if all is good. Also, if the program ended for some reason, looking at the log remotely would be a huge help.

Getting the quality report while remote would have so many important uses… Please, make this an option.

ALSO, another huge improvement would be an information bar showing approximately how much time is left to finish. I know it is somewhat variable, but it would really help so that people processing data could at least schedule their day to be back to workstation when it is expected to be complete. I work with very large data sets (1500 -3000 photos) and trying to time things would be a very useful information. perhaps it could calculate after data has been running for 5 minutes, then send info to an email, plus have on screen.

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