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orthoplane issues

Hi everyone,
does someone can explain me how to generate correctly a orthoplane.

I explain:
I make a surface to align the box, Then I optimize box and after I generate the orthoplane
Everytime I try to generate it, I have issues like this one (that you can see with the picture linked here)
pictures have been made with a drone face to the wall in oblique position (not nadir)

orthoP douve1.tif (2.7 MB)

Thank you

Hi @hugues_calderero,

Our algorithm is not optimal in using oblique images to generate orthoplan. The best would be to have orthogonal images to the façade you want to make.

This is also explained in this topic:

Good luck,

Hi Joan,
thank you for sharing toturial.

Hi Marco,

thank you for your feedback.
I tried so many times to generate orthoplane in lots of projets with that kind of issues.
Know, I understand
I will fly djfferently



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