The orthofoplane after processing in most places the images are broken.

I made a flight at a height of 105-110 meters high, in the suburban area with many houses!
The problem is that the images are not superimposed properly and I also tried with the GCP file, and the result is the same.
What settings must be made to have the desired result?
I am attaching some pictures for you to see about our problem!
Thank you!
Have a nice day!!

Hi @cityplanstudio it seems like your images were not attached to your message.
I am not sure what you mean by “superimposed” and at the same time it seems that you are trying to generate an orthoplane, judging by the title of your post?
Note that in order to generate an accurate orthoplane of a facade, you need to make sure that the images that capture that facade are as perpedicular as possible to that facade. If some images capture that facade with a near-nadir angle, the results will not be optimal.
If you need more help, in your next message, could you attach the quality report (PDF) and screenshots of your project in the rayCloud view?