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Generating the orthoplane

I am on version 4.4.12 using Pix4DModel.


I am trying to use the orthoplane to improve the mesh quality. 

I have tried numerous times on different models but am getting the same results. I make the Orthoplane, align to a surface, and click “Apply.”

From that point the pix4D stops. It is not freezing or crashing but it does not progress. The “Generate” button is grayed out and unavailable. I have attached a picture below to show you what I am seeing. 

Is there something I am doing wrong? I am following the tutorials as exact as possible.

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Hi Brad,

As you are using Pix4Dmodel, you cannot export the Orthoplan. That’s why this option is grayed out.
However I think that you want to use the surface tool instead of the orthoplan tool.
These articles should help: