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Orthoplan : bad rendering

I have generated an orthoplan on a facade, but the rendering is noisy by all that is around this facade. Is it possible to clean the orthoplans or the points cloud under pix4D before generating the orthoplan? The idea would be to have a better visual rendering.

Also I filtered my cloud of points generated on Pix4D on another software and I imported it with the command " import a point cloud for the generation of an MNS". However, the cloud does not appear in the 3D space nor in the tree which is a pity. Moreover, it is impossible to generate an orthoplan with this new cloud but only a  orthophoto “blindy”.


Yes, there are a few ways to clean the point cloud and to improve the orthoplane: 

  1. Manual Tie Points (MTPs)
    For such projects, we noticed that adding MTPs can help a lot to remove noise from the reconstruction, e.g. to create only one layer of points. More about that here: 

  2. Point Cloud editing tool
    The densified point cloud (created during step 2) can be modified with the point cloud editing tool:

  3. Mask feature to remove background of orthoplane

This should make it possible to remove the noise around the wall: 

More about this feature here: 
Another way, would be to reduce the size of the orthoplane box, to only include the minimum of the wall. 

  1. Import for DSM generation

This feature is mostly meant to import point clouds to create Digital Surface Models (DSM) from projects with images taken from nadir, e.g. with a grid flight from a drone.

We would rather suggest to use the tools described in points 1 to 3. 

Hope it helps!
If someone has other tips, please share them :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help, I will test your tips.