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Cylindrical Ortho

does anyone know of a way in pix4d or other software to generate a planar ortho from a cylindrical surface such as a round water tank or chimmey?




you cannot generate 1 ortho out of a cylindrical surface with Pix4Dmapper. You could use the orthoplanetool to generate smaller orthos of each side of the cylinder. To be honest, I do not believe this will cover your needs, as the development of the cylinder side in the ortho would not be accurate, it would be as if it was a planar side. 

Maybe other users can recommend a 3rd party software. I am also interested in knowing more about it :slight_smile:

Thanks getting back to me.

I’m leaning towards the concept of generating orthoplane about every 15 degrees around the object and them merging them into one image.

I have tried cloudcompare software. but it will only unroll to point cloud. I’m also looking onto FARO photoplan.


Let me know about the results!! I am curious! 

Ok I will.

Me too!