How to make orthoplane

I’m trying to make an orthoplane. After choosing all the right options and clicking “generate” button the image that i get not covering all the area that i picked by the frame.

this is my properties selection

and this is what i get

what is wrong with the process?

can anyone help me with that?

than you


I would do the following: 

  • create surfaces on the facades and align the orthoplane to these (click Align in the right sidebar)
  • reduce the width of the orthoplane, make it as thin as possible around the facade of interest

There is more about how to use the Orthoplane tool in these resources: 

How is your image acquisition plan? Do you have more than one line of images that see the facades? 

Please post updates if you could test the points above. If these did not work, let us know and I’ll have a look at the dataset. In the latter case, please send your dataset with a file sharing service through our support request form (at the top of the support site).