Orthomosaic with missing pieces


I have a project where the output orthomosaic is missing several tiles, although in the Quality Report the preview is complete.
Note that I tried importing the ortho in a third party software, as a whole and with the tiles one by one and the result is the same.

Can anybody help out?
I attached the quality report and some screenshots.

Thank you!

Berceni 60-1_report.pdf (2.4 MB)

Hi Crisit,
One likely reason for this has to do with your GPU. Particularly, if you drivers are out of date then this can happen. I looked at your quality report and, indeed, your GPU driver needs updating. The link below will allow you to download directly from NVIDIA the latest driver for your GeForce RTX3070 Ti Laptop GPU.

I cannot guarantee this will fix the problem but this is where you need to start.

Hello Mike,

Coming back to this topic, I would like to let you know that updating the GPU driver did not solve the problem.

Do you have any other solution?

Thank you!