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orthomosaic different from preview

Today I made my first survey using pix4dcapture. I received by email a report with every result and a correct previews of orthomosaic and DEM of the area I.
The problem is that, logging in I find my project with all images, but both the preview and downloadable orthomosaic are cropped along a rectangle south-nord oriented, representing a part only of my survey.
How can I modifiy it, downloading a correct image, like that I’ve seen in the report ?

Ciao Alessio,

Welcome to the Pix4D Community!
The mosaic that you see in the Quality Report is just a preview and it is more an image stitching than an orthomosaic (for example, the DSM is not taken into consideration). For the final orthomosaic, however, only the part with enough overlap is taken into account and the borders are discarded.