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Shoreline Orthomosaic Generation


I have used Pix4D for a few years to process drone images and create point clouds and orthomosaics to support coastal engineering work.

Recently (a few months, maybe a bit longer), Pix4D has been trimming orthomosaic outputs more heavily than usual. I’ve tried running through processing at various qualities and settings to see if any would make a difference, but nothing seems to.

I then tried processing the exact same datasets in Agisoft, and was able to get the type of results that I had come to expect out of Pix4D (see one example attached). This also showed that it wasn’t the images, or the particular conditions that were causing the mosiacs to trim.

Has something been changed in the Pix4D algorithms recently that has made it less tolerant of constructing mosaics over water surfaces?

There has also been a big change in how Pix4D handles glare on water surfaces (I’ll attached another Agisoft vs Pix4D side-by-side).

I have plenty examples of very very successful projects in Pix4D, but something has changed, and I’m not enjoying it!


Pix4D vs Agisoft glare management. Again, same exact dataset.