Orientations (yaw, pitch, roll) transformation - EPSG4326 to EPSG32188 + EPSG5713

Some context :

I took the RTK coordinates (WGS84) given in the EXIF file and transformed them through a surveyor software in NAD83 MTM 8, CGVD28 Ht 2.0.
I did not touch the yaw, pith and roll (YPR)
As I imported the .csv file containing geolocation and orientations, the orienations don’t seem correct at all…
Then I suppose that YPR have to be transformed too in order to match in the projected coordinate system?
Could anyone tell me what the steps are in order to transform those orientations in the right way?

Thank you very much!

Below an image of the usual import of image in green (WGS84 from Exif data) and the rotation after the import of converted coordinates imported in EPSG32188 + EPSG5713.

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What is the reasoning for transforming the image coordinate system to begin with? The standard workflow is that Matic can handle WGS84 as the image coordinate system and then make the transformation to your selected output coordinate system.

Hi, I want to try this technique and see if my poincloud would fall close to my GCPs, until now I’ve never had point cloud very close to GCPs, there’s always an offset of at least 300mm, and this considering the use of RTK.

We work with GCPs in EPSG 32188 + 5713. So I want to import both images and GCPs in the same projecter coordinate system. Maybe Matic is not powerful enough in the transformation of coordinates froms EPSG 4326 (WGS84) to my specific projected coordinate system?

Or maybe something I am missing?

I hope this clarifies my situation :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!

My understanding is that Pix4DMatic is maybe not accurate enough to make a good transformation of coordinates from EPSG4326 to EPSG32188+5713.

here is below a screenshot of the standard workflow of importing pictures and letting Pix4D make the transformation on its own, we can observe a slight difference between coordinates XYZ compared to the conversion obtained through a surveyor software transformation.

Thanks again

If PIX4Dmatic can only import XYZ and keep YPR from EXIF like PIX4Dmapper, your problems will be solved.
Maybe you can try to use PIX4Dmapper.

I dont know why PIX4Dmatic force every user import XYZ and YPR at same time?

Yes, we have the same question.
I want to use custom XYZ to replace XYZ from Pix4Dmatic.

Okay great I’ll try with Pix4DMapper, if I find any solution for the conversion of orientations for Matic, I’ll let you know! :wink:

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However Mapper does not support Geoid HT2.0 which is the one I need, and I cannot just force a vertical offset as the offset between Ellipsoid and geoid over large areas can change a lot… I need to find the way through Pix4DMatic

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So would you have a solution for my case please? Thanks! :slight_smile: