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Orient project not work and break scale :(


I test pix4d software and heve some issues with orientation and scale (photo taken with Phantm 2 Vision+ and without Capture App)

At first when add mensure to scale and reoptimize - all looks good:

But when add Orientation vector and reoptimize again - scale has been break and orientation still it is wrong :frowning:


Any tip? Or that function don’t work in Discover mode?

I start trial mode and update to 2.0.100 

No effect :frowning:

I really want buy that software, but it must work correctly :frowning:

Dear Paulina,

There is an issue with the accuracy of the geotags for images taken with the Phantom 2 Vision+. This image gelocation data is not accurate enough to use in Pix4Dmapper. This is addressed in the Capture app and the geolocation can be used without worries in this case. 

However, if you use the images from the SD card, we recommend either setting the accuracy of the image to something like 50m or discarding it completely. This should solve your issue. 

Best regards,