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Troubleshooting project

I work for a general contractor and have been tasked to used a Phantom 3 Pro to see if this is something the company wants to invest in. The main purpose for us is to be able to create surfaces/topographys from aerial data for engineering/ design purposes. I am having a very hard time getting my project to align perfectly with the ground control points. When I watched the webinar about GCP’s, the green and the blue cross markers were perfectly aligned. With my project I am having a lot of issues getting all of my markers aligned for an accurate model.

What I know I have done right:

Plenty of overlap

at least 5 GCP’s on man holes/ water valve lids from a surveyor ( I am un able to double check these at the moment)


What I am not sure about:

I am using another app called Drone Deploy to plan missions from my phone. Could this have something to do with my errors? I have tried the capture app from pix4d and I can only get it to work every once in a while.

Should I be using the geotags from the drone on my images? From the quality report, I learn that I am off by a lot. I can also see the cameras floating in the point cloud with the green and blue dots spaced out a lot.

What other tips can you provide that I am missing? I have read all of the faq and a lot of posts on this forum and I have no answers. 

Thanks! Riley


Hi Riley,


The phantom geotagging works a little differently. Just to eliminate that process for now (and quickly try to see if that is the issue), can you try processing the job without the exif gps data?

Go into your image properties under “project”, and click the “clear” button next to all of the images. This will prevent pix4d from using the GPS data in the images themselves.


Next, process step 1. After step 1 is complete, Mark your GCPs and also try to add a scale constraint, if you’re able to. When this is done, select “reoptimize” from the processing dropdown and then generate a new quality report and let us know how it looks.