Opening prevously proecessed project failed

Last year I processed some drone images using PIX4Fields. I only exported the NDVI-tiff to my local filesystem.
Now I need the original orthomozaiek, so I go back to the dashboard.
All projects are marked with the refresh-cloud. When I press that for the selected project, it changes to download. When accessing the project all datasets have Error R0117.
Looking into this I found that syncing project will be obsolete.
Important: If you currently use the Data Sync feature as part of your workflow, please ensure you take action to save any data not locally stored before the next release of PIX4Dfields. This includes downloading and saving locally any project that says “Download” beside the project tile on the dashboard screen.

I cannot find the version I use. I installed PIX4fields Dec 27, 2021 and to my knowledge I didn’t update.
Is my cloud data gone? and shoudl I reprocess all my previous projects?


I will contact you on private as you should still be able to download your project.