No space left on device

i am trying to process 626 georeferenced images with 12 GCPs. initial processing seems to work but when i start running step 3 i get regular warning and error messages in the log with No Space Left On Device stated regularly and a geotif isn;t created. my project is stored on a1TB external SSD with 850GB of free space. i’m guessing there is some sort of cache on my laptop HD which is causing the issue but can’t find it.

any ideas?


Hi Ashley,
You might want to look at your available RAM. It will throw an error if you run out of memory there. If you like, you can also upload your log file and we can take a look at it. It will tell us a bit more about what might be going on.

I have 16GB RAM.
where is the log output file saved?

You can find the log file in the file path below:
▸ The project log file (text file): …\project_name\project_name.log