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No fetching image list problem using Phantom 2v+ with latest version Pix4Dcapture



I just upgrade my Phantom 2v+ firmware, but the problems remain running Pix4Dcapture app.:


  1. When settling the job, everything is fine, but when the Phantom is on the air, the flight path does not correspond with the one shown by the app.


  1. After the flight is finished, a pop-up indicating that could not fetch media list from the drone appears on the screen.


Please help!


Thanks a lot



Hi Carlos,

We have just released a new official iOS version of Pix4Dcapture for P2V(+) drones.
These are the release notes:

Our developers have added some features and fixed several bugs.
If you wish and have time to give it a try, we would be glad to read your feedback.