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Drone and app dont fetch but tie points solved the problem

Hello, recently I had some issues with fetching images to iphone when the mission ended on the phantom vision plus. I ended up using the manual tie points and the recontruction did pretty well even without geotag. However im intrigue by the fact that the file could not be generated by the app. I assume the distance between craft and phone was too large? If thats the reason, is there a way to have the last waypoint to be the the closest to take off area? I performed multiple flights and all had the same issue. It also occured a couple days prior that i got an error message while the photos were transferring, is there a way to manage the sync after the drone has given an error?

Hi Giovanni,

The synchronization, which transfers the images from the drone to the phone and generates the .p4d file, should start right after the drone reaches the last waypoint (if the automatic synchronization option is selected in the settings of the app).

Did you see the progress of the synchronization? Did it start?
Obviously the synchronization cannot be successful if the connection is lost between the phone and the drone (via the remote controller).