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New to this system Dji S1000 and Inspire advice

Any advice or tips would be great on where to start…

This software looks great and very exciting.

I’m currently flying a DJI Inspire1 and a S1000 with a canon5d is it possible to run this system on both these UAV’s?

About to try on inspire1 but not sure where to start with the S1000 setup, can it be done?

thanks D

All that matters is the camera. So as long as you can capture enough overlap you should be good. Waypoint mission with the 5D intervalometer might be enough to get started, just make sure it’s set fast enough to get overlap.

Just make sure that you fly at the right height for the accuracy you want. Mission Planner has a tool that lets you compare pixel resolution if you have a sample image, or you can just enter values on Pix’s calculator.

There’s also the app for the Inspire 1 but it’s still in testing,


My business partner built a 900 and I think used another piece of software from DJI. I know he has flown many missions on the Inspire 1 with the beta app. You can contact him at our website