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New project with the Inspire1

I just finished my 1st project of mapping Fort Mississauga in Niagara on the Lake without the grid mapping software. I setup my Inspire to fly in a pattern to give me what I thought the best overlap for my test.

My question is, can I expect a better result once Pix4D releases the update for the Inspire1? 


Hi Rene,

The new release of the Capture app for the Inspire 1 will fix bugs.

If you wish to increase the overlap using our app you could do it from the settings:

Regarding your dataset, you should probably know that trees and dense vegetation often have a very different appearance between overlapping images due to their complex geometry (thousands of branches and leaves). Therefore it is difficult to extract common characteristic points between the images.

Hence we recommend the following:

  • Increase the connection between images to at least 85% frontal overlap and 60% side overlap by taking more images.
  • Increase the flight altitude so that images suffer less from perspective distortions and it is easier to detect visual similarities between images.

When the terrain is flat with homogeneous visual content such as agriculture fields, it is difficult to extract common characteristic points between the images.

If you are interested in analyzing you model and especially the results after step 1, we suggest that you have a look at the following articles:

Best regards,

Thanks for your e-mail. I downloaded the latest App and I was surprised that I can’t select the inspire1 as my drone and the screen you show in the suggested file is not displayed. I think that your App doesn’t work on the iPad, is that correct?

Indeed, the Capture app is compatible (but labeled at beta) with the Inspire 1 and Phantom 3 Adv/Pro for Android.

Regarding iOS it is still under development. The version will be available soon but we cannot give date for the release.


Thanks for your message. I will set the flight plan manually and try to fly my subject at different heights to get the best results.