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our company buys monthly licenses when needed. Now I came here to buy a license but saw that everything is now changed. Earlier we processed with desktop and then uploaded to Pix4DCloud where our customers could check the models with timeline.
If I understood new system correctly now I need to buy Pix4DCloud Advanced AND Pix4DMapper desktop.
Price is 560€. Earlier it was 399€.
If this is correct I’m really sorry to see the prices going up once again…
Ps. Bying only Cloud Advanced doesn’t work because we don’t use standard GCP-points…

Hi @Revi_Nordic,

The change happened between 2020 and 2021, you can find more information here:

It is important to understand that the PIX4Dcloud you see today is not the same cloud that we had during the days when it was included in the PIX4Dmapper product. We have been investing heavily in PIX4Dcloud for the last few years.

Our latest update to the PIX4Dcloud (not Advanced) offering is intended to be very cheap for users of our Desktop products to access those features which make the most sense for them at a very low price:

  • Sharing of desktop processed projects
  • On-demand credit purchases for occasional cloud processing.
  • Organization support
  • Extensive improvements for processing for PIX4Dcatch projects (PIX4Dcatch: Turn your mobile device into a professional 3D scanner)
  • Better coordinate system support
  • No processing credits required to upload and share projects processed on desktop.

Please note that we recently also implemented a new way of calculating the allowance for images and projects.
We shifted to the new credit system to allow us to charge more fairly for processing. If you process larger cameras (> 20 mpix), it costs us more to process in the cloud, so we have charge more. If you process with smaller cameras you pay less ( <= 20 mpix). With a Phantom 4 Pro or similar resolution camera, you should pay the same or slightly less than before.
You can find out more in this article:

If you have any additional questions regarding the pricing, feel free to reach out to our sales team here:


In May this year my Invoice has line:
PIX4Dmapper & PIX4Dcloud Advanced, Subscription Plan
Bundle 399€

Now to get the same features I need to buy:
PIX4Dcloud Advanced, Monthly, Subscription 299€
Pix4DMapper 260€
→ 559€

If this is correct this is significant increase in price and I cannot see the “fairness” anywhere. Also this change happened now and not in “2020 and 2021”.

Hi @Revi_Nordic,

Thank you for your message, and I apologize for not understanding your question the first time.
The change that happened in 2020 and 2021 was the removal of the included PIX4Dcloud in PIX4Dmapper.
I see not that you are referring to the bundle “PIX4Dmapper+PIX4Dcloud Advanced”.

Please contact our sales team for an offer: