"New Point" - Vidoc laser and bubble level. Show bubble level before measurment to aid in alignment.

Hello Pix4D Team,

could you include the bubble level into the Menu of “New Point” or make the laser constantly work during the “Measure”?
Currently if you get into the Menu of “New Point” and use the Vidoc, it is possible to turn on the laser and position the Device but you cant see the bubble level, so I dont know if the device is leveled or not. As soon as I start the “Measure” the bubble level appears, but the Laser is not turned on anymore. The Laser will be turned on as soon as I level the Device and the measure starts, but during this levelingprocess It can happen that I changed the position of the device. So the first couple of seconds my device is either not leveled or not in the right position.

If you have further questions to my request, feel free to contact me anytime.

Kind Regards,
Anton Schlei.

Hi anschlei,

Welcome to the community!

This sounds like a great suggestion. I would also like to add that you can apply your vote to it as well.


I completely agree.

With or without laser, activating the measurement guides (bubble and optionally laser) before starting the measurement makes total sense. You don’t want to start a measurement before aiming at the right spot.