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Issues with step 2 even if quality report looks ok.

I have procced all 3 majors steps but step 2 is still red. The quality reports looks fine, the 3d modell looks fine. How can I determine if I need to adjust anything and process everything again?

I have processed several other datasets and there usally isnt any problems.



I noticed this on some of my projects as well so you aren’t the only one.  All I can say is that I didn’t notice anything really wrong with any of my projects so I just ignore it.

Okay. So maybe just a bug…

Just want to be certain that the volume measurements in Pix4D is reliable since I will deliver the output to a customer. And I know that it usally are very precise data, but that Step 2 in red made me unsure.  

I would email support with the Quality Report and the log file so they can review it, just in case something is affecting your volume report.  Good to double and triple check before sending to the customer :) 

Hello Anders, hello Adam,

If step 2. Point Cloud and Mesh steps red, then check the results folder to see if any of the outputs are not properly generated. 

If the Quality Report does not indicate any major errors and the reconstruction of the project is of a good quality, then there should not be an issue with the project. 

Make sure you have enough resources available to process a project without issues and adjust the processing options accordingly.