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New DJI Smart Controller

Is there a new solution that works? I installed the v1.9.9 and Capture 4.10 but can’t connect to the mavic 2 pro with smart controller.
Does someone has a setup that works?
Any alternative that might work on the smart controller?


I did several test with various version of CTRL+DJI and Pix4dCapture.
It came out that the last release don’t work and CTRL+DJI can’t connect drone.
Using 1.9.8 and 4.9.0 is a working solution for me. (not 1.9.9 / 4.10.0)

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I plan my larger missions so that they require 2 batteries for duration with double grid.
I then create a 2nd mission 90 degrees to the first, this changes the direction of the starting grid line.
When the drone returns, I change the mission to #2 and restart the flight. The drone then flies the second grid of the first mission.
When you download the files Pix4D does not know the difference and processes the double grid, none the wiser.

If I have a really large area, I just break it into smaller quadrants

What would be good is if Pix4D Capture would calculate its flight time based on minutes of flight that can actually be completed.
Mavic2 pro may have 30 min flight time, but Pix4D cuts the flight off at 19% battery remaining.
If I am only 1 min from position of drone, I do not need 19% battery.
It is just to conservative.
As an experiment, I have flown the drone to 0% just above the ground, the drone continued to fly for another 3 minutes after the meter showed 0% battery.

I would like the ability to adjust the % that the software activates the RTH feature down to 2% or 5% so that I can get more data per flight


Morning community, I am looking for help. I have a M2P with the SC, and yes, I have put the Pix4D Capture app on the controller as well as the Ctrl+DJI app. And as I see above, I am not the only one, but Pix4D will not connect. I get a message saying “Ctrl+DJI Needs to be granted permission to operate correctly”. Can I get some help please. I have Mapping I want to do.


have any luck with this one or are PIX 4D still playing daft

I bought on purpose a M2P with the SC to be used with pix4Dcapture, and now it’s not working.
What a shame!