New DJI generation supported - Mavic 3 and M3O/M30T

Sounds good. Thanks for replying. Do you have any guess on when the M30 may get supported, or do you have a xml file we could use currently?

You can find the xml here

Unfortunately, I can’t give any date on the release.

I have a DJI M30. Pix4dmapper support this camera?

Hi Marco,

Yes you can process the M30 in PIX4Dmapper as it’s camera agnostic.

Hi @Jose.Arnaudo Does PIX4D Cloud support DJI M30? Also, can we incorporate GCP values in the cloud processing? Thanks


Yes PIX4Dcloud supports the DJI M30 RGB and you can incorporate GCPs,

Noted. Can we use Pix4D Matic instead of pix4d mapper for the workflow in the aforementioned link? Is there a link that specifies the steps? Thanks again

Yes you can also import GCPs into PIX4Dmatic, you can find information here,