New DJI generation supported - Mavic 3 and M3O/M30T

Are, or will and when DJI new UAV/camera be supported on react

  • New MAVIC 3
  • New M30
    Will Thermal (M30T) images be supported. Is there any road map for ?



I can only confirm about Mavic 3 situation, it will be fully supported on our next release. You can follow our page, and will be notified when there is a new release.

M30 has just been released, we can’t guarantee until we start looking at datasets.


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Hi José! ALL right?!?!?
U have a approximate date for that release?!?!?i


I can’t give any date unfortunately, you can always process importing the XML I attached.
If you have a datset for the M30T you can share it and we can work on it to add to the database.

  1. On the dashboard, click on the PIX4Dreact SETTINGS and select Camera parameters file .import_xmlfiles_Pix4Dreact.jpg
  2. Click Select file and select the .xml file in the file dialog.
  3. Exit the settings and open or create a project to process the dataset. The camera parameters file is used automatically.
    Mavic3_L2D-20c_12.3_5280x3956.xml (1023 Bytes)

Its ok Man. Thx for now…
In Mavic 3 is necessary that pre config for export and process?!?!
If u can help me with that i Will plain a track and do a manual mapping.


If you do a manual mapping, make sure you have sufficient overlap to be able to process in PIX4Dreact-


Question for you Jose. I did a site survey using my Mavic 3 and have a bunch of photos with GPS information. When I try to import them into Pix4DMapper it usually results in an error since I don’t have a Mavic 3 camera profile defined. I see you provided one here, however I noticed the resolution on this particular XML is 5280x3956. I shot my photos at 3840 x 2160. Will this XML profile still work for photos at that resolution? Or is it possible to have another XML generated for the Mavic 3 with the different pixel dimensions taken into account?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sorry I realize this isn’t specifically a React question more of a mapper one, but hopefully you can still answer my problem.


In mapper there is no need to add an XML, you can just process with the parameters you see under the Image editor.


sorry Jose, I’m not sure what you mean by under the image editor. Is this in the program itself?