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Need informed opinion on custom workstation

Can anyone tell me their informed opinion on this build, any issues I may see, or places where I am being wasteful.

I also use this station to manipulate very large point clouds in CloudCompare, some of over 200 million points.

Thank you all

Make your list public. I can’t see it.

AMD processors perform much better than Intel in Pix4D Mapper. Also, that video card is very old and over priced. Get an NVidia RTX3070 or better.

Here is a great article from Puget Systems regarding recommend systems for Pix4D Mapper:

Thank you very much, but I cannot find the AMD chip for sale, so I compared raw numbers.

What chip that is in stock should I be looking for here?

Same question for the graphics card actually.

Do you have any suggestions?

Yeah unfortunately the Ryzen 5000 series are hard to find now. As is the NVidia 3000 series video cards.

I have a Threadripper 3960x and NVidia RTX 2080 super. Works great for Pix4D Mapper.