Ryzen CPU

Anyone have any experience with this new line of CPU from AMD? Specifically the 1800x. Benchmarks seem to be pretty good for this type of work.


Hey, Riley. I am also considering Ryzen for a new workstation. Please let us all know if you have the opportunity to try Ryzen with pix4D ! (I don’t want to be the first one to try^^)

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Yes I think this is a very interesting thread. The AMD cpu is so much cheaper than intel and the benchmark is up there, however, makes me wonder why? Would it be as reliable as the intel cpu, and how is the AMD working with Pix4d.


Very impressed with the software so far. Managed to do a 6000 photo data set with my old computer rig. Took 2.5 days for processing, however I got there eventually. Would love to upgrade my computer for as cheap as possible. 

Hello my friends! This subject is VERY important! Anyone who owns a Ryzen processor could tell you about their experience?

I am tempted to make a Ryzen system to test but (at least in cinebench scores) my system seems faster. Pix4d likes more cores when processing so I can see this as an upgrade for most if you do not have a high end xeon build.

Could you share what kind of system build you are currently using ? I am curious about what other users are using. The pix4D hardware requirement seems a bit outdated.

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I’m also considering to upgrade with Ryzen CPUs. This is a question to support:

Do you have any test using Ryzen CPU? would Pix4D be AMD ready or it only is Intel compatible and/or optimized?

The Ryzen benchmarks are very promising in terms of Price/Performance. However Ryzen has a very bad  performance (even worst than i7-7700K) with not AMD optimized software. With AMD optimized software, like Blender, Ryzen beats any Intel on the market.



I have a dual 2670 xeons, 128gb ram, pcie ssd , and a gtx 1070. I rarely get to 30gb of ram used.


Ryzen is the way to go for price to performance if pix4d doesn’t need something optimized to maximize its potential . The i7 7700k only beats Ryzen in single threaded loads due to the high single core speed of the i7. Luckily the Pix4d is a heaviy multithread workload so more cores = faster processing speeds. Now some programs do not need to be optimized for Ryzen and can benifit right away from Ryzen. I do not know if Pix4d is ready for Ryzen if it is Ryzen is the best name for the buck work load.

I skipped Ryzen since my current pc is more powerful and upgraded to a 2696 xeon ,64gb ram, 960 Pro nvme, and a gtx 1070. I will be finished with it this week and will be able to do testing to see if more cores yield significant results.

Compared my 2 systems to each other and the improvement was amazing. I was able to drop my processing time by more 75% using my 2696 v3  with nvme drive.

I’m not so sure that i would gain much if anything, right now i’m running an I7-5930K rock stable at 4,3ghz on all cores, i believe my biggest problem is that my setup only really support 32GB of ram. (DDR3). Just tried to run a large dataset on another workstation with a 6 core zeon lower clocked but 80GB of ram and a traditional HDD instead of SD and it used 2-5 times more time on the different stages of the projeckt. Both systems running Nvidia graphic but a gaming card on my main-system and a Qadro on the Zeon workstation. 

So have anybody tried with a ryzen setup yet (preferable with 64G of ram) and compared to intel?

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Hello all,

We have a AMD CPU so we can tell you our experience.

First of all, Setup:

CPU: AMD FX8350 8-Core, 4GHz



Kingston 260GB SSD


500 photos on 10ha area for DSM of the Bratislava castle 

So far our experience is not so good. Initial processing goes really fast, and there is no problem. But as soon as the second step comes, Point could and Mesh, the problems start. Sometimes the CPU has 100% load on all cores. Sudenly the Pix4D crashes all the time. It also crases on the “Upload a project from Pix4D Desktop” on the step where you click on the “upload button”.

It maybe not because of the AMD processor. We also suspect other hardware. For examle we have other HDDs which one of them has like 40% of lifetime left. We disconnected it and started the procesing again. We will let you know the result.

Hope the crashing will stop or we will need to upgrade our station.

Have a nice day

Milan, team SKYMOVE


Anyone test speeds on Ryzen my 6 core i7 just burned out and I was looking for a cheaper more core alternative 

There is a nice comment on that Community post as well: