Gaming Video Cards vs Workstation Video Cards

Any opinion if Gaming Class RTX video cards are any better than Workstation Class video cards that are also RTX based? I’m told the drivers are different between the two and could affect performance.

For use with PIX4Dmatic and PIX4Dsurvey.

I would suggest visiting a partner of our called Puget Systems. They have tested many different hardware configurations. I would hit them up for questions.

Hi Mike, I’ve been looking through Puget´s tests for Mapper before, however there is not much on Matic/Survey at this point. And also not on the latest hardware.

Would be very interested to see Pix4D officially share some recommendations on what hardware is important and helpful on the different processes specifically in Matic and Survey. Or perhaps motivate Puget to do an updated test.

Hi Martin,
We are in discussions with Puget Systems for further testing. I would suggest checking back after the first of the year. Perhaps in a couple months.

I had an issue where mapper and matic were only allocating the onboard GPU of my CPU.

I had to go into Windows settings, find the program, and specify which graphics card to use. Be weary of that. Easiest way to tell is thru Task Manager. A GPU-0 would show up and that’s your on board CPU’s graphics card.