comparison between microprocessors for upgrade (mediun dataset)

Hello everyone. I need technical advice.
I have the option to upgrade my motherboard processor.
Now mount an old i7 920 and I could upgrade to Intel® Xeon® W3680 or Core ™ i7-980X Extreme Edition.
It is a bit old card but it works fine.
I tried to look at the characteristics of the two processors and they are practically the same (Xeon has more bandwidth).
Your opinion on or on the other?
Thank’s in advance to anyone can give me an opinion.
Buon anno!

Hi Mario,
It is difficult for PIX4D to recommend the best computer setups as hardware is constantly changing. So we have teamed up with Puget Systems to test different hardware configurations. I would suggest visiting their website as it may provide the answers to your question.

Hi Mike,Thanks for the replay. The big difference that I noticed in the two processors is that in the xeon the GPU part is completely missing, instead present in the I7 series. However, having an external graphics card (GTX xxxx cuda) can the lack of an internal gpu affect the graphics performance in terms of rendering time?

Hi Mario,
I wouldn’t use an integrated GPU if possible. Only a single GPU can be used at a time so one mid-range to high-end video card is all you need for processing.

Yes Mike, now I’ve got a GTX 1050.Thank’s again.