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Which system upgrades are best?

Hi, I have a little problem. I have currently 2 systems available and both have some bottlenecks. 

the first system has a intel xeon E52620V4 and 16 gb ddr4 server ram.

the second sytem has an intel 7700k and 64gb of ddr4 ram.

So now I want to build the best possible pc. I need an SSD and gpu in both cases since neither of them have one. Unfortunatly I can not swap the ram from the second system to the first since its not compatible. Buying new server ram is crazy expensive (1000 dollars easy). So I wonder what I do best? I know that the eight core xeon is better than the I7, but is the 16gb ram going to bottleneck this so much that the i7 might work better? I am planning to do around 500 images 20Mp per job. If I upgrade the xeon processor system, am I going to benefit more from extra ram or an SSD+GPU? My budget in upgrades is around 500 dollars.

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This gets asked plenty around here…answer always the same, Threadripper or Core i9 with GTX1080Ti and 128GB RAM.  The Xeon is likely not better than the i7 but I didn’t lookup the exact specs.

My relatively new Core i9 beast of a computer cost $6,000 if you want to explore all options in Pix4D and do it the fastest.  Compromise down to fit your budget but you need 3 main things, GHz, Cuda cores, and RAM.

$500 won’t really get you close to the best possible Pix4D computer but you can improve your i7 with a new GPU.