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NDVI succesfull process without having Raw files support on my camera

I have a filter modified camera and it doesn’t support raw files.

Following the suggestions Pix4D makes below, I cannot have a successfull NDVI results without having access to these type of files: 

Please help! what can I do?



Pix4D software is currently compatible with .jpg and .tiff files. The .tiff have more information than the .jpg, because they are not compressed as much. 

Another point to consider is that for modified cameras, is that there are filters applied to the images, so that it looks “pretty”. As the original purpose of these cameras was to make pictures and not to use it as a measurement tool (e.g. to do precision agriculture). The reason why it is recommended to use the raw files, is that these do not include this additional filter to make the picture look pretty. Furthermore, it enables you to transform it to a .tiff file, which will keep more information than if it was a .jpg. 

If you do not have the raw images, you could use the .jpg to create the NDVI, but I would not recommend it as the results will be less accurate. However, this could enable you to run some tests on the field to see if this is accurate enough for your needs. I’m afraid there is not much else to do with the modified camera.