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Jpeg photos no being accepted on PIX4Dag

I am on the trial version of PIX4d and I am trying to upload a jpeg photo dataset to PIX4Dag and I keep getting the error message: tif or tiff only but the input box says Jpeg or Tiff.  

Does PIX4Dag accept jpegs? 

I can load the same jpeg dataset to PIX4DMapperPro just fine.


Thanks for the help!

Hi James,

We assume you try to use Pix4Dag Cloud for processing. Pix4Dag Cloud can process .tiff images taken with any camera. However, if images are in .jpg format, they must be taken with Parrot Sequoia Sensor in order to process them on Pix4D Cloud.

Hope it helps,

Thank you for the response.  

Yes, I was trying to use PIX4Dag Cloud.  I was a bit confused because the picture loading box said to drag either jpeg or tiff files for uploading and then gave me the error message, ".Only tif, tiff files.

This seems really strange because your other Cloud products Mapper Pro, bim and model all accept jpeg photos but not ag.

I am trying to upload jpegs from a Mapir NDVI camera that are geo-tagged for agriculture survey mapping in Pix4dag.

DroneDeploy software accepts these geo-tagged jpegs just fine, I guess I will have to use them unless there is a way to upload jpegs to Pix4Dag.

You have a great product but it could be better if you allowed geo-tagged jpegs to be uploaded to PIX4Dag.  I have tried your stand alone PIX4Dpro software and it is much more than I need for my purpose.






Hi Jim,

Thank you very much for your feedback. We will pass your suggestion to our product management team for future considerations.