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naming the images


I wonder if it is possible to put some logic on the images names as they are taken from PIX4DCapture… I fund that it will be helpful when running a multi flight mission. 


Hi Gabriel,

The images are captured by the drone and stored on the drone SD card.  Pix4Dcapture communicates with the drone & triggers the image capture, but the Drone’s firmware/software is what is responsible for writing the image to the SD card and the file naming.  You can rename files when you copy them from the SD card onto your desktop unit for processing.  Here is a Link to a How to batch rename multiple files in Windows.

On the subject of naming, it would be great if we had the option to disable renaming in the app.  I had to bulk rename images today because my sync failed and I had to renumber them to match the project file and change the extension from “JPG” to “jpeg”. I thought it was odd that the images were confusingly renamed with very little change: “DJI_0300.JPG” became “DJI_0208.jpeg” What’s the point? It would be a little clearer if they were renamed “PIX_…” and even better (for me) if they weren’t renamed at all.


-Donald Newlands

Hi Donald, 

Thank you for your input. We have forwarded your request to the team in charge in order to have a look.

As for the download to device and upload to cloud post-flight procedures, they might fail from time to time. We believe that this is not a systematic problem since it is not possible to reproduce it. It might be unstable in some cases. Once it fails, it happens that it cannot be initiated again and become successful. 

Synchronizing consists in generating the .p4d file and transferring the images from the drone to the mobile device. However, it is still possible to process from scratch and create a new Pix4D project on your local machine by importing the images saved on the drone. Note that processing with or without the .p4d file does not make a difference in terms of processing and results (learn more).



Unfortunately, with the Spark (and some older DJI drones), because the geo coordinates are rounded off (or truncated) in the Exif image tag, it really does make a difference whether we use the P4D file or not!  Without the P4D, we end up with very poor geolocation data and it does seem to impact the performance and quality of Pix4D’s output.

Also, it would make the app easier to work with on other drones as well if it could reliably resume syncing images.  It can take a long time to sync images in the field between missions, but it’s super convenient to be able to sync instead of removing the MicroSD every time.

I hope that Pix4d will fix syncing so that it can be started or resumed at any time.