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[DJI P4 Pro, Android v4.2] Image names on sd card dont match pix4d image names

Hi all,

we have used the Pix4d capture app for the first time last week and are loving it. 

Though, one issue we encountered was that the image names on the drone don’t match the image names in the image_locations.json file for that mission.

After we flew a few missions and landed, we realised that the image names don’t match up. The images on the sd card (P4) started at _DJI_0001.JPG _and increased from there but the first image name in the corresponding mission _image_locations.json _file started with DJI_0337.jpeg.

Is this normal? 


Phantom 4 Pro,

Android Pix4D Capture v4.2




The problem you are describing is a known issue. The names of the images on the SD card does not correspond to the names on the device and on the file generated at the end of the mission. 

As a side note, the images have the image geolocation information written directly in the EXIF and it is, in most cases, not needed to use the .json file for georeferencing.