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Cloud platform image uploads - same name error

Good Afternoon Pix4D.

I recently tried to processed a project in the cloud and I received an error that said that images could have have the same file name. I understand. 
When I collected the data on my P4P, I collected 1204 images. When looking at the SD car, there two folders. 

One folder contained up to 0999 images, and the other folder images 1000-204. However the naming sequence and numbering is automatically reset when a new folder is created. I think DJI caps the image amount to 1000 images then created a new folder. 

Naturally, I would have to rename all the pictures on the 2nd or 3rd folders, but this is not efficient. Do you guys have any thoughts on this challenge?

Also is there a limit to how many images can be processed on the cloud? 

Thank you

Hello Cesar,

For your first issue about the naming of images, you can find some tools online which will allow you to rename them by batch.

If you’re a windows user, I know that you can select multiple files, rename one file with the rest of the files selected and it should rename them all together. It just tried on mac and it’s working the same.

Then if you’ll need to reproduce this process more than once, I agree that the work will be a bit annoying. To avoid the manual work, it would require a bit of code writing to execute the tasks you want. I don’t think we provide those but I can definitively ask if our awesome support has some tricks.

At the moment Pix4D Cloud is based on fair usage, 15 projects/month of 150 images @ 15 MP. Based on the fair usage policy and the server capacity, you can for instance process 2 projects of 1,000 images each in a month, plus some side small projects.

Thank you

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Hi Cesar,

My colleague Tom gave you the correct instructions for renaming the images and, sadly, we have no tricks to share for now :wink:

Let us know if you find any other workarounds!

Renaming is easy to do with powershell script:

gi “*.jpg” | % { rni \_ (_.Name -replace “DJI_0”, “DJI_1”) }

This one renames files from DJI_0001-DJI_0999 to DJI_1001-DJI_1999

Save that one with text editor to .ps1 file and run the script.


thank guys, over my head as I am not a coder.


this might help here!

Another workaround we can suggest is the following.

Move all the images to the same directory on the computer. If the images have the same name, a pop-up asks if the files should be replaced or not. Click  No to all , so that the images will have a suffix (1), (2), (3), etc. Select all the images to drag and drop them on the cloud web upload page of a newly created project.




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Thank you that is a good work around. How about having your app just handle different folders?

@Cesar we hope to implement an algorithm to handle duplicated filenames as soon as we have enough time.


Also, folder upload is not working well on some old browsers, we try to maintain compatibility for a little more time and then we will see. We evaluated in the past the opportunity of looking at each file size to see if they would match or not in order to disambiguate duplicates from “file having the same name”. Well, at some point we decided to work on other features :slight_smile: