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Multi multispectral camera

I am planning a project using multispectral cameras on drones organized in multiple teams.
However, the multispectral cameras each team has are not the same: Parrot sequoia+ and Micasense RedEdge-ME.

We would like to create an NDVI orthomosaic as a final product, is this possible?
Should I use the same model camera for scanning even if it takes longer? The target is a forest.


You can create the NDVI with both cameras. As soon as the cameras have the following bands: NIR and RED then you can generate the NDVI index.

This article can help you in your future projects:

If you want to compare the outputs through different cameras you need to use a panel. The calibration target also enables to have an absolute reference, which allows to get absolute reflectance values and make it possible to compare data coming from several cameras or flights.

Depending on you applications you might also check our Pix4Dfields software

Hope this helps you :slight_smile: