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Can Pix4Dfields do radiometric correction for all multispectral cameras?

Currently, the following cameras are supported for radiometric correction in Pix4Dfields:

  • Parrot Sequoia and Sequoia+
  • Micasense RedEdge, RedEdge-M, RedEdge-MX, and Altum.
  • DJI P4 multispectral (note that since the camera is not radiometrically calibrated, a reflectance target is required to obtain reflectance factors)
  • Modified cameras that provide the required radiometric information, e.g. the senseFly modified Canon S110 NIR or RE or the Sentera NDRE or NDVI. See [the camera requirements article] for more information. Sun irradiance sensors are not supported for modified cameras.

For more information: Radiometric correction in Pix4Dfields