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[Desktop][Pix4Dmapper 4.1.19] Different light intensities in calibration images


I’m at the time lerning to make agricultural multispectral image analyzis using Pix4D. But I have a problem calibrating the multispectral images.
When loading the images into the softwere for Processing I am including the radiometrical calibration images taken before flight. I was hoping pix4d could recognize the calibration plate and do an automatical calibration. But it does not. In my folder containing the calibration images, I have three of each spectral band. One darker than the other. The brightest is overexposed. When going throu the process of calibrating the images manualy: which of the three images should I use? And why is the images not automaticaly calibratet in the first place?

I’m currently working in version 4.1.19 of the software.
Attached is a snippet of my screen showing the three different images in each spectral band.

Thank you

Hey Thomas,

For multi-spectral processing only Parrot Sequoia dataset would be recognized automatically and calibration would be applied. For the Micasense RedEdge dataset you have to identify calibration targets and calibrate them manually. As for picking the calibration image set, you should pick the one that has the most variation in it, they shouldn’t be over-exposed or under-exposed.

Hi all,

I would add to Selim answer that this function is with Sequoia and Aircalib target :slight_smile: