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How to use Pix4D calibration for sequois parrot camera?

When I use the sequoia camera, the step of calibration, I got three set of image. Now, I use the Pix4D deal with it, at the processing option, the index calculator, shall I use which image to calibration(from the three set of the image), I find the software default the first image, but I see that three of the calibration image are difference, and the value are difference. Looking forward to your reply.


If more than one set of images is provided (one set of image is 5 images, 1 from each sensor), then the software will go through the different image sets and mark them as acceptable or not. It will use the latest set of images considered as acceptable for the calibration. Acceptable means not overexposed, etc… It is important to provide all 5 images, so that all bands can be calibrated.



Select the calibration images that has the most variety, meaning do not select a calibration image that is too dark or too bright. Based on the calibration images that you select, your reflectance values are going to change significantly.