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Calibration of images with multiple target pictures

So I use and eBee X with a Parrot Sequoia to collect imagery over large tracts of forest. Because of the size of the area I’m working in, I usually have to land the drone several times to replace batteries. Because of the way the eMotion MP software works, every time I want to launch the drone, I have to take a new set of calibration target images. This isn’t the worst things since I can fly for several hours and the lighting conditions at the start of my day is definitely not the same as the end.

Is there a suggested methodology for calibrating each batch of imagery with its respective calibration target imagery and then bringing these images back together for processing? While the images are in batches, they cover a continuous tract of forest. I can process each batch separately, but I have to deal with the flared edges of the orthomosaics overlapping each other.


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Hi Heather,

Pix4D can use only one calibration target image set. If your lighting conditions are changing, the best approach would be to process the projects separately, generate reflectance/index maps and then use QGIS/ArcGIS to merge.